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Polynomial Functions

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Polynomial Functions


Definition: A polynomial function is a function with many terms. A polynomial can be classified by the number of terms it has (binomial, trinomial, etc.) or by its degree (linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, etc.).


A polynomial has the form, Formula where n is the degree of the polynomial.



Polynomial Function Photos:


Mr. Lee's Example Photo:

Description: So, it turns out that Mr. Lee's cat Loki has whiskers that are mostly described by cubic functions. Loki must be a very mathematically advanced cat. I couldn't get Geometer's Sketchpad to draw the function in factored form so I ended up entering some points in my tricked out TI-84SE and then did cubic regression to find the equation of his whisker.



Originators: Daniel & Alex 


Photo Description: Water stain on Mr. Lee’s classroom ceiling looks like a quartic function.


Originator: Erika and Kurt




Originator: Hanna L


Photo Description: the dragon i beaded for my art project looks like a polynomial function




Originators: Matthew and Lynne

Description: Continuing with the music theme, my bass looks like part of a quartic function. Very exciting


Originators: Paul and Kristen


Description: This vase, with the picture rotated 180 degrees counter-clockwise, looks just like a cubic function.


Originators: Adam and Alison 


Description: Taken on my cellphone, this picture of some jet streams resembles a cubic function.


Originators: Victor and Maryam

Description: Clouds taken outside the school the day before the snowfall. The darker areas looks like a quartic function.



Originators: Gabrielle and Ellen

Description: An archway beneath the Bridge of Alexander III, as seen from La Seine, resembles a parabola.



Originators: Kevin and Erica


Description: Sobeys for life.



Origionators: Alec and Jonathan

Description: The bridge looks like a quadratic function.


Originators: Faith and Nicole!


Description: The McDonalds arch looks like a function.


Originators: Bill and Rebecca



A polynomial function can be seen in the outline of the chair and the trees


Originator: Matt and Ben


Description: The Citadel


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