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All the Rest

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

An Abundance of Fanciful Functions


Definition: We discussed rational functions, absolute value functions, piecewise defined functions, exponential functions with base e and the natural logarithm. 



Mr. Lee's Example Photo

I saw this building while I was at the cross country provincial championship meet.  I thought the roof would make a nice piecewise function.  I'm trying to be a bit more precise here with my functions so I loaded the image into the background of a Geometer's Sketchpad file.  Then I played with the functions until I got them to match up with the roofline fairly acurately.


Originators: Daniel & Victor


Photo Description: Mr. Lee's classroom door, has a absolute value sin function on it.



Originators: Paul and Kristen



Photo Description:  This light fixture looks like a rational function.


Originators:  Alison and Adam



Photo Description: The rooftops on this comical little house down a comical little lane looks like a piecewise function.


Originator: Hanna Lo

Photo Description: The edges of this chinese fan is composed of a multiple piecewise functions.


Originators: Ben and Matt

Photo Description: Corner Track for Train Set 



Originators: Alec and Jonathan


Photo Description: The cage on this goalie helmet forms a piecewise function.



Originators: Nicole B, Faith N




Discription: My ATV looks like a rational function.



Originators: Matthew & Lynne 

Description: Once again continuing our music theme, this Dominant Seventh Arpeggio

in C Major resembles an absolute value function.



Originators: Gabrielle and Ellen

Photo Description: The metal bars on this sailboat on this beautiful summer's day

 resemble an absolute value function.


Originators: Bill and Rebecca

Description: The clouds and trees form the shape of a piecewise function.


Originators: Kevin and Erica


Photo Description: This picture of a flower is a piece wise function. Each branch is part of a rational function.


Originators: Erika and Kurt


Photo Description:


Originator: Maryam


Photo Description: When looking at the walls of our school, the bricks form a peicewise function.  

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